Understanding the art of local adult dating

catalin A lot of guys think that local adult dating can be reduced to science and statistics. I really can’t say I blame them. I mean, look at the typical local adult dating site and look at how it’s configured, look at how people play the game. For the most part, guys play it like a numbers game.

They know that if they want to fuck ten nude women in one month, this translates to about one hundred dates, considering a 10% success rate. Getting a hundred dates, on the other hand, requires several thousand contacts through a website or a mobile dating app. Do you see how the math works? Do you see how it filters it down? That’s how most guys play the game.

The problem is, local adult dating is an art. I wish it can be reduced to a science or formula, doing so would just make everybody else’s life so much easier. Unfortunately, that’s impossible. People are irrational creatures. We get all emotional. We tend to make decisions based on a whim. In many cases, circumstances change and we change drastically with those circumstances. That’s just how we are.

When you’re dealing with such fickle biological creatures, you’re dealing with an art form. Art is very different for science because science is predictable. Science can be converted into a formula. Science can be reduced to certain core elements that can be expected to work the same way for all time as long as certain conditions are present, not so with art.

Art can change from moment to moment. Art is very fluid. Art requires different things at different times and everything has to fit into place. Otherwise, you get different art. Also, art is all about emotion and intuition, while mathematics, statistics, and science are all about logical processes.

Make no mistake about it, the way local adult dating actually works is more of an art. This is why you need to look at it as more about reading each other’s signals. It’s like dancing. To be a good dancer, you can’t just robotically follow a formula. You’re going to look like an idiot if you do things that way. Your legs are going to look like they’re made out of wood.

Instead, you pay attention eh rhythms of your partner and you adjust your moves accordingly. Similarly, you give off your own signals and she adjusts. It can be a very beautiful thing. The same applies to the art of local adult dating.

It’s all about reading signals. It’s all about creating a persona and living in the moment. That’s why it can be a very beautiful thing and it can also be very frightening. You have to know yourself and that’s why I can never ever call local adult dating a science. It really is an art. Try it out for yourself @AdultDate.org

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