The Great Thing About Older Women Dating Younger Man


It used to be quite a rare sight for an older woman in her 40s to be seen in public with a young man in his 20s. In fact, it was so rare that when people see it, they automatically think of some sort of sugar mommy relationship. In other words, it is looked at as dirty, abnormal, and nasty. In other words, people would rather discourage it, keep it under wraps, and make people feel guilty and ashamed.

The interesting thing is that the opposite is always happening and people even look at it as a status symbol. I am, of course, talking about older guys in their 40s or 50s dating women in college or women in their 20s. They look at the guy and say, “You’ve arrived. You are a powerful man. You deserve this young piece of pussy.” What is wrong with this picture? Older women are discouraged. Older women are looked down upon, whereas older guys are looked up to as heroes. This is complete bullshit.

The reality is if it is good enough for guys, it is good enough for women. And I really salute older women dating younger man. Why? They just basically flipped the script on its head.

It is all about power. It is all about social positioning. Guess what. Women now have a lot more power. Women are reaching the top more often. They have a lot more confidence. And they deserve to have sex with whomever they want. If they want to have sex with men their age, let them have it. If they are looking for a hot young hard dick, more power to them.

It is all about equality, and it is all about freedom. The reality is that many older guys really can’t give older horny women what they are looking for. Older women are looking for hot nonstop action. Why? Once a woman reaches her 30s, her ability to achieve multiple orgasms increases dramatically. We are talking about climaxing at least three to five times per session. Some women climax more than that.

Moreover, the climax is more intense. That takes a lot of energy. If you are married to a guy in his 30s to 50s, he might not have all that energy. Younger guys are very horny. Younger guys get hard at the sound of a woman’s voice. They have the energy level. They have the strength and fortitude to give older women the strength and stamina they need to climax many times.

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