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This is just a fancy way of saying that you need to interview women and ask them, what do you want to see in a sex site? Of course, you have to rephrase the question. You have to ask it in a polite way. You have to be politically correct, but regardless, you still have to do it. Why?

Again, they are your real target audience. The more chicks you get on your site, the more dicks will show up. It really is that simple. In fact, that rhymes and I should write it on a piece of granite somewhere so it could stand the test of time and be a memorial to humanity’s creative genius. But, joking aside, you need to keep things basic. Appeal to women properly by knowing what they want and build a site accordingly. Everything else will take care of itself. Just look at what they did over at

Don’t be afraid to make money

A lot of guys think that if they just put up a website and they get a lot of traffic, and all these women re showing up and all these dudes are following them, that this automatically means that they’re going to see a lot more numbers followed by zeros in their bank account. Absolutely wrong! You have to remember that traffic and volume doesn’t necessarily convert to cold hard cash.

In many cases, it’s much better to get a lower volume of traffic with the assurance that a very high percentage of that traffic is actually going to put money in your hands. It’s all about conversion baby! Think about it from that perspective. Make sure that there are enough bells and whistles in your website to ensure proper conversion. Otherwise, you’re not going to make money. Otherwise, you’re just simply wasting your time and you’re probably better off going into binary options.

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